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Les Consultants A.E.I. inc.

CP84 Pointe-Aux-Trembles

Montreal (Quebec) Canada

H1B 5K1


T : 514.355.4539

F : 514.355.5273


Customer-focused strategy: We aim to meet and exceed the goals and requirements of our customers through the development of strategies that specifically meet their needs.


Integrity: We do everything to remain upstanding face to our customers - We respect his decisions, but we give the correct time.


Professionalism: Our professionalism allows us to integrate with the customer's project team and work in order to give you quality work that will be to your satisfaction.


Confidentiality: All information received during our mandates is treated in the strictest confidence.


Collaboration: We partner with clients in order to meet the objectives set at the beginning of term.


Complicity: We always work so as to obtain a relationship of trust with our client.


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